Resources with The Triad Wave Sequencing






The Technicians

Tom Capek, Colorado Sound Studio

To maintain the integrity of embedding the “wave”, mastering is professionally done by Tom at Colorado Sound.  He has been working with the “wave Sequencing” for some years now and his expertise assures the integrity of the finished product.  


The Nashville Connection


Steve aka SPS

All the music on the site shown below is embedded with The Triad Wave.  More will be added soon.

Mitch Hensdale

Check out Mitch and New Horizon Recording Studio on FB

Marco Missanato

”Why did you choose The Abandonment?”  That was Marco’s response when I asked him if he would allow me to embed the “wave Sequencing” and use it as the sound of the Wholly Human.  I shared my experience and he said “yes.”  His passion is reflected in his music and is so resonant with the vibration of The Triad Wave Sequencing.

Gary Malkin

In the wee little cabin in the woods, rummaging through boxes, I found  Courage to Dream by Gary Malkin. Decided I would listen while I was working on the book...reading it out loud for content.  The last sentence I read was, “All that is required is the courage to dream.”  Contacted Gary, asked him if I could embed the “wave Sequencing” and he had his engineer send the file to Tom.  My dream became a reality...

Marie Captain

Coming Soon

Judy Blackwelder

Coming Soon